Taste what the locals eat

Are you a self- appointed “foodie” or certified “wine-geek”? Tastemakers have a passion for gastronomy and all things food and beverage. We believe that tasting local foods, wines, is a key ingredient for every unique travel experience. 

Meet the people who make it

Our local partners are extremely passionate about their local cuisines, and so excited to share with our Tastemakers. Get the opportunity to meet with locals in each destination and have them share their culture with you in the best way possible – through their passion for traditional dishes. 

Experience the places they live

Get to explore stunning landscapes, breathtaking vineyards, and more as you travel throughout tastemaker destinations. We are passionate about traveling to unique destinations in order to create memorable travel experiences for our Tastemakers. 


Explore a variety of destinations Tastemakers Global has to offer. We aim to cultivate the most authentic experiences in each destination, in order to take our tastemakers on a cultural journey. Our hope is that you leave with a true feeling of the culture, traditions, and people that make up each location we travel to. 

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